Which Of The Three Are You?

The Three Are Three Cats Created by Erin Hunter, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw.My Fave Is Jayfeather, But Thats Just My Crazy Thoughts. Enjoy The 2nd Paragraph!

Which One Do YOU Think You'll Be?And do You Think You'll Even Get A Result?Well, Everyone IS Getting A Result Whether They Like It Or Not~!Enjoy The Quiz!

Created by: Roxy

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  1. Has Your Family Ever Lied To you Before?
  2. Do You Have A Sister/Brother?
  3. Do You Have A Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  4. Did You Know That "The Three" Are Three Cats Created By Erin Hunter?(Doesnt Effect What Three You Are)
  5. Do You Think Its Unlikely You'll Be Jayfeather(A Blind Gray Tabby Tom)
  6. Do You Think Its Unlikely You'll Be Lionblaze?(A Ginger Tabby Tom)
  7. Do You Think Its Unlikely You'll Be Dovepaw?(A Gray She-Cat)
  8. Which Of The Three Would You Like To Be?
  9. Which One Of The Three Would You Like To Have As A Mate?
  10. Okay, Last ?. If You Could Meet One Of The Three, Which Would It Be?

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Quiz topic: Which Of The Three am I?