Two tailed moon

You are a SHE-CAT! You are Rainstrike, a Thunder clan warrior who is having a dangerous relationship with Jayfeather. Take this quiz! Please read the closing paragragh for the copyright.

I`ve always wanted to do a story with my OC, Rainstrike, and my fave cat, Jayfeather. Some cats are real, others I created. This contains spoilers. This is a fan fic that ships Jaystrike( Jayfeather + Rainstrike).

Created by: S.E.
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  1. You are Rainstrike, a Thunder clan she-cat warrior. Your pelt is grayish-blueish tabby, with blue eyes. Your littermates are Gingersnap, a ginger she-cat with green eyes, who was taken by twolegs for a moon, and Foxtail, a ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. You have been warriors for nearly two moons. Your are currently sleeping-ish.
  2. "Rainstrike! Gingersnap! Foxtail!" The sound of your fellow warriors is deafening. Gingersnap turns to you. "Goodbye..." She says, getting fainter as she and the twolegs walk away. "Your fault!" Foxtail hisses, walking up to you like you`re prey that he`s stalking. You fall into a bottomless hole, with the whole clan surrounding the hole, hissing and jeering at you; but all you can hear is Gingersnap, as you fall into darkness."Goodbye," her voice is barely a whisper...
  3. "Aaah!" You fall out of your nest. Lionblaze and his mate Cinderheart stare at you. Foxtail says, "And now that Rainstar is awake, what serveses does she require?" "Oh grow up. And while your at it, SHUT UP!" You reply. Gingersnap hovers at the entrence, "Sorry I woke you, but I ha to say goodbye before we left," "Oh yeah, I forgot, well have fun!" You say. A large group, most of the clan, really, is going on a week long expedition. You, Lionblaze, and Cinder heart alone will defend the clan. Even Cinderheart`s apprentice, Oakpaw, would be going. you sit at the fresh kill pile, and watch Jayfeather send his apprentice, Briarlight (yes, that Briarlight) with instructions, as she drags herself(agian, that Briarlight) to the others. You walk over to Jayfeather.
  4. "You wanna go for a walk?" Jay feather nods, and you two talk about your hidden love. " I don`t want us to be like Leafpool," he admits. Leafpool is Jayfeather`s mother, who broke both codes she was bound by, and eventually, gave her kits to Squirrelflight, her sister. "Your mother was brave, Jayfeather," you say. He opens his mouth to say something, when you hear a cry.
  5. You both race to a rabbit hole, where you find Mistkit and Skykit. "Let`s get you back home," you say. They are almost apprentices, so you let them walk. "There you are!" Ferngrass yells across camp, with Cloudkit between her legs. "Into the nursery, now!" She leads them with her tail, and shoots you a look that says, "sorry". Cinderheart comes up and says, "Hey, wanna go hunting?"
  6. You are about to say yes, when you pick up a scent. Rouges! you and Cinderheart race out, and Lionblaze follows. When you reach the rouges, there are four of them. A golden tabby comes up, and says, "Hello, my name is Tiger. This is Boysen(silver she-cat), Murk(black tabby tom), and Elsa(white she-cat)." Tiger looks like a kittypet, but it`s obvious that he`s been long without twolegs. "Why are you here?" you demand. "We need your help." Boysen says. They all need to eat, and a true warrior helps those in need, so you take them to camp.
  7. Tiger explains that his twolegs needed to leave for awhile, and left him in the woods, where he met his friends, and his mate, Boysen. They were driven out by a cat who used to live with Tiger`s twolegs, Moe. "I`ll shred him!" Murk yells. Then, outside the den...
  8. A fifth cat is there. A gasp escapes Elsa`s mouth. "But, how? I watched you be killed!" Then, he says... CLIFFHANGER!
  9. I`m sorry, also, this cat was created at the last minute. I originally wanted to do something with Tiger, but in the end, I couldn`t.
  10. Should this cat be the brother of Tiger or Elsa? Leave a comment. Also, yes, that Elsa.
  11. Lates!

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