Which Lo-Fi Track Should You Listen to?

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Lo-fi is a genre of music that has elements of imperfections and is viewed as aesthetically pleasing. It is usually listened to for studying, working, thinking, or just chilling out.

Maybe you're interested in this genre of music? If you want to know what you should listen to, you've found the perfect place. I've prepared a few tracks that are all meaningful to me, so you can listen too!

Created by: Jayfeather310

  1. Have you ever listened to Lo-Fi?
  2. What would you like to listen to?
  3. Do you want to hear vocals in your lo-fi track?
  4. Do you like instrumentals with chime sounds?
  5. Do you want to listen to something more romantic or nostalgic?
  6. Are you more feminine or masculine?
  7. Pastel or dark colors?
  8. Pick a color palette!
  9. Pick one color!
  10. Pick a word!
  11. Pick another word!
  12. Why are you listening anyway?

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Quiz topic: Which Lo-Fi Track should I Listen to?