What mythical creature are you?

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Welcome to my What is your mythical creature quiz. It is a personality quiz so it will take the traits of the creature and see which creature you are most like.

If you are into fairies, Unicorns and mermaids, you will not find them here. I chose Dragons, Phoenix, Centaur and Basilisk because they are the coolest and most interesting.

Created by: Malafactor
  1. What is your element?
  2. Which of these is your favourite?
  3. Which of these traits do you value most?
  4. Pick one.
  5. Favourite emoji?
  6. Light or dark?
  7. Which route do you take?
  8. What is your favourite set of myths?
  9. What is your favourite form of fire?
  10. What is your favourite form of water?
  11. What is your favourite form of earth?
  12. What is your favourite form of air?
  13. Who do you hate most?
  14. Did you notice I didn't ask for your favourite colour?
  15. You have a choice to save your best friend, a baby, or one of your parents. Who do you choose?
  16. Which of these appeals most to you?
  17. What is your favourite sport?(Yes, I'm English)
  18. Moon, stars, sun or light bulb
  19. What word appeals most to you?
  20. What do you want to get?

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Quiz topic: What mythical creature am I?