Does he like you (accurate)

There are many boys in the world but is the one your crushing on like you back????Lr is the guy that is crushing on you but hate really like you or is he just fooling around??

Is he the one that you've always dreamed of,is he the prince of your fairy tail or is he the guy you want to have a life /future with!then try this quiz to find out if he's the one!

Created by: awsluverperogie
  1. Does he ever look at you in a Dreamy way???
  2. Does he ever touch you???i.e. hugs,playful punches,holds your hand etc.
  3. Does he make an effort trying to talk to you
  4. Does he fix his hair,shirt,pats etc. when youre in the same room??
  5. RAndom question no effect whatsoeves* Do u think ur crazy like moi!GO CHEESE!
  6. Does he show off in frotn of you...
  7. Does he try to get more info of you i.e. phone #,b-day ,fav colour etc.
  8. Does hé cet jealous web you talk to your Guy friends or other random boys????
  9. Does he laugh at your jokes??
  10. Ok Last but doesn't effect your answer! 1.All star weekend 2.justin Biebs 3.1D 4.hater '-'

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