How to know a guy likes you

This is a quiz that will determine whether the guy you like is yours or not you get to figure out his quality's too it will show whether you analyzed him well enough

so do YOU wont to know if your crush is crashing back then you know you have to take this quiz it will tell you everything you will need to know like how this guy is crushing on you

Created by: natalie
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  1. Does he smile or wink at you?
  2. Does he compliment you? (make you feel special)
  3. Does he help you out without asking you? (tell you the answers in class when the teachers not looking)
  4. Does he he talk about you ask your friends about you?
  5. Does he look at you a lot when you are not looking but you see him through the corner of your eye?
  6. Does he joke around with you?
  7. Does he ask for hugs for fun sometimes when he is depressed?
  8. Does he talk to you a lot?
  9. When you talk does he look you straight in the eye?
  10. If you tripped over in the hallway would he....

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