how to tell if your crush likes you

People always want to know if they crush likes them or not so if you take this quizz you will know after wards I have made it so both genders can use it

Do you wanna know if your crush likes you or not??? Then take this quizz to see if your crush really likes you or doesn't even know you exist you won't know i'll you try it

Created by: Izzy us a spastic kid
  1. Dose your crush look at you
  2. Do they make fun of you
  3. Do you see them alot
  4. Do you have to start the conversation or do they
  5. Do you send love notes to them
  6. Do you go to socials with them
  7. What sport do you have in common
  8. How do they treat you around their friends
  9. How do they act when your alone
  10. How do they talk to you

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Quiz topic: How to tell if my crush likes you