Does He Like You?

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Does you crush like you? This quiz is VERY ACCURATE and will tell you the answer you have been waiting for.

Your results could be he likes you, he hates you, he doesn't know you exist, he may like you or you are just friends, if you really wanna find out take this amazing quiz.

Created by: Ariel

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  1. Does he know your name?
  2. How do you know him?
  3. How often do you see and talk to him?
  4. Do you talk to him on other days apart from school work church or at the mosque?
  5. What do you guys talk about and how long does the discussion last?
  6. What is your discussion about?
  7. WARNING: this question may change your whole results!!! QUESTION: when he bully's you and you are sad does he stop?
  8. Does he sometimes mistakenly or purposely touches you or rubs your hand or anything like that?
  9. Did you like this quiz (this doesn't affect the results)
  10. Wait one more question! Or more like a statement "BYE I hope your crush likes you!"
  11. Oh uh sorry I just wanted to add one more question is that a bad thing? So How does he behave towards you.

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