does he have a crush on you

this quiz is soooooooooo accurate and it will tell you if a boy has a crush on you. when you are taking this quiz you have to think about the same boy for all of the questions or otherwise it is not going to work and might make you upset. you have to answer the truth or it will give the wrong answer.

does he have a crush on you? take this amazing quiz which gives you 99.9% correct answers and never lies only if you press the correct answer. it is not right for the wrong answer.

Created by: cara

  1. does he try stare at you
  2. does he try and touch you
  3. does he make up nicknames for you
  4. does he tease you
  5. does he talk about other stuff except from school
  6. does he seem to smile more when hes with you
  7. running out of questions
  8. are you a nice person
  9. no effect but did you like this quiz so far
  10. does he ask you random questions
  11. does he mention other girls when u guys talk
  12. last question, do you like him
  13. bye

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