How Much Do You Really Like Him?

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Are you not sure what you really think of that new crush of yours? Is he switching you on and off about whether you like him? This quiz was designed to help you decide how much you really like this guy! Who knows, it could just be a thing, or it could be love!

When taking this quiz make sure to answer as honestly as you can. Who's feelings are you gonna hurt, his? Not really, haha. This quiz is meant to benefit you and only you in deciding what you really think of your crush. The questions and scoring is as accurate as possible, so please enjoy. If you still have doubts about your results, try some of my other relationship quizzes.

Created by: Seritori
  1. When you see him, do you get butterflies or knots in your stomach?
  2. Do you think he's cute or hot?
  3. Is he shorter or taller than you?
  4. Do you really like his personality?
  5. Is he smart?
  6. Do you sometimes find yourself smiling thinking about him?
  7. Do you ever find yourself staring at him just out of habit?
  8. When you realize you are staring, what's your reaction?
  9. If he looks at you while you're looking at him, what's your reaction?
  10. Do you like his style?
  11. Do you like his hair?
  12. Do you like his smile?
  13. How much do you think you actually like him?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Really Like Him?