What sport is for YOU?

Sooooooooooo many sports to choose from but which one is for you? You could be active or turn out as a hobo. This is the perfect quiz designed by a sports lover to help you decide

Sport season is coming up and which field do you belong on?? This quiz will help you decide. but I am warning you that you may end up as a bench warmer!

Created by: Jess
  1. Do you mind getting hurt in any sort of way?
  2. A stick and a ball=
  3. Do you mind wearing heavy gear?
  4. Does dirt offend/ bother you in any way?
  5. Can a rusty bat be fixed?
  6. Which bases can you steal and what sport does stealing occur in?
  7. What does the word dribble mean?
  8. Do you like to run?
  9. Do you or have you ever had a fear of water?
  10. Do you like sprots at all?

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