General Sports Quiz (UK-centric)

Plenty of people know lots about a specific sport, but how many know a lot about many sports? Possibly relatively few. What we find interest in we take in info about.

So, are you a sports knowledge brainbox? Let's find out... give this quiz your best shot, you may know more than you thought or less than you thought, let's see.

Created by: Azif Ucan

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  1. In football (soccer) how many points does a team get for winning a league or group game?
  2. Which sport is played at Lords?
  3. In golf what is a hole-in-one?
  4. Which sport is Steve Davis known for playing?
  5. In football who won the Premier League title in 2015/16
  6. Which sport is Michael Jordon best known for playing?
  7. Who was Bobby Moore?
  8. Which sport does Geelong FC play?
  9. In cricket if a batsman hits the ball over the boundary without it hitting the ground what is he/she rewarded with?
  10. Which sport did Babe Ruth play?
  11. Which sport is Wimbledon best known for?
  12. Which sport did Walter Tull play?
  13. Which sport is Twickenham most associated with?
  14. Dennis Rodman played which sport?
  15. O.J. Simpson played which sport?
  16. Why was Zidane sent off in the 2006 football World Cup Final?
  17. What did Geoff Hurst do in the 1966 football World Cup Final?
  18. In which sport do teams play to win the Super Bowl?
  19. Where was the 2012 Olympic Games held?
  20. In which sport is there a wicket-keeper?
  21. In rugby union what must a player do if shown a yellow card by the ref?
  22. How many players on each side in Aussie Rules?
  23. Which MLS football team did David Beckham play for?
  24. In which sport is there a quarter-back?
  25. What sport does Lionel Messi play?
  26. Where will the 2018 football World Cup be played?
  27. In which one of these sports is there not some type of net?
  28. Table tennis is also known as...
  29. What is the white ball called in bowls?
  30. Which sport was Robin Hood very good at?
  31. Which English city has 2 professional football teams, one Rovers, the other City?
  32. Jesse Owens won gold medals in the 1936 Olympic Games which were in...
  33. Which sport are the Ducks playing in the film Mighty Ducks?
  34. What sport are the class playing in P.E. in the film Kes?
  35. A statue of who stood outside Fulham Football Club's Craven Cottage ground?
  36. In rugby, what is a non-kicked score called?
  37. In which year did Pele last win the football World Cup?
  38. Which gridiron team had their mascot stolen in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?
  39. Which football club plays their home games at Roots Hall?
  40. In cricket what does LBW mean?

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