Which sport should you do?

Hello! On this quiz, you will be tested on which sport (out of 10 sports) is best for you. Not all sports are on here, even some popular ones. To get a result that truly matches you, don't make up stuff about yourself. If you want to be happy with your sport, you need to think about your answers-it will affect only you!

Sports should be a major part of everyone's life, as it is mine. I made this quiz to help you succeed and have a good time in your sport, like I do, and hopefully you use the results wisely! Remember, your answers only affect you, so choose the right one! Here we go!

Created by: Alex
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Atmosphere?
  2. Temperatures?
  3. Height?
  4. Flexibility?
  5. Pain tolerance?
  6. Work ethic/determination?
  7. Do you want skills from your sport that can help you do other tasks?
  8. Money issues?
  9. Can you hear rhythm in music well?
  10. Want a good paying job from it?
  11. Speeds?
  12. Preparation time? (Getting ready/changed)
  13. Team Sports?

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Quiz topic: Which sport should I do?