What kind of sports fan are you?

Being a sports fan involves more than just knowing your school colors and the name of the team. It requires familiarity with a large number of important areas of knowledge.

Taking this quiz will help scientifically determine exactly what kind of sports fan you are. And remember, there are no "wrong" answers... just really stupid ones.

Created by: Drew
  1. What is "Freedom Hall"?
  2. Howard Schnellenberger once said we were on a Collision Course. Collision Course with what?
  3. What significance does the name "Belknap" have?
  4. When you order Papa John's pizza, which sports program are you supporting?
  5. What do Kentucky basketball and Southern Methodist football have in common?
  6. What 1980 event was repeated in 1986?
  7. What happened in 1798?
  8. Fill in the blanks: "Fight on, ____ ______, and prove to them that we deserve our fame!"
  9. Which school has made the largest gains of any university in National Institutes of Health research ranking in the 21st century?
  10. Which college football team won the 1991 Fiesta Bowl and the 2007 Orange Bowl?
  11. What is the most profitable men's college basketball program in the nation?
  12. For which university did Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas play?
  13. Who performs the song "My Old Kentucky Home" every year at the Kentucky Derby before a national audience?
  14. What is the largest Victorian historic preservation district in the United States?
  15. What is the significance of the number "Two"?
  16. What is the only NCAA team to win a BCS bowl game, appear in the men's basketball Final Four, College Baseball World Series, and win a national championship in Track and Field this century?
  17. What is the significance of the name "Grawemeyer"?
  18. What is the significance of the number "67"?

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