how much of a nba and nfl fan are you?

There are a lot of sports fans but, they might only like one team and still know very little about those teams, a.k.a. the hometowner.This quiz tests your knowledge about the N.F.L and N.B.A.

Your knowledge for the NFL and NBA will be tested in every possible way. Are you a true sports genious or do you just claim to be and don't know anything at all?

Created by: Na'im Byrd
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  1. What NBA team has appeared in the most NBA Finals?
  2. What is the most successful franchise in NFL history?
  3. What NBA team has 6 NBA Championships in 6 appearances/
  4. What team won the NFL superbowl forcing Russel Wilson to throw an interception with less than 5 yards from the endzone and 30 seconds left in game?
  5. What team did hall of fame cb Deion Sanders never play for in his NFL career?
  6. What was one of NBA player Dwayne Wade's teammates?
  7. What year did the Houston Texans win the NFL superbowl?
  8. What NBA franchise has won the NBA championship 16 times?
  9. Which NBA team drafted Andrew Wiggins?
  10. What team does Steve Kerr coach in the NBA?

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Quiz topic: How much of a nba and nfl fan am I?