How well do you know Minnesota Sports

This quiz tests your knowledge of professional and college sports. The Vikings, Twins, Lakers, Saints, Stars, Wild, North Stars, and Timberwolves are all here!

Do you know you Minnesota sports? Give this quiz a try. From the 1930s until now, we've had some great teams and players, and some, well, not so good ones. Which are you?

Created by: demei002

  1. How many NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL championships have Minnesota teams won while in Minnesota?
  2. With which University does the University of Minnesota compete against for Paul Bunyan's Axe?
  3. Which year did the North Stars leave Minnesota?
  4. For whom is TC the team mascot?
  5. Who has the most passing yards in Viking history?
  6. Which of these people is not in the baseball hall of fame?
  7. Which teams regularly played at the Memorial Stadium?
  8. Who is the Twins all time leader in wins?
  9. Which of the following soccer teams never played in Minnesota?
  10. How many Super Bowls have the Vikings played in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minnesota Sports