How Minnesota are you?

Minnesota is a place of great beauty, grace and intelligence, as well as a center for gifted and talented artists of all kinds. Great statesmen have come from Minnesota, as well as incredible athletes and movie stars. And then there's the rest of us.

How rooted are you in the motherland? What is your Ski-U I.Q.? Do you have the java to come clean about how much of a Minnisohtan you are? And if you do, would you tell anyone?

Created by: prufrock

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  1. What team did the Twins originate from?
  2. What year did the Metrodome open?
  3. What nationally-recognised social disorder is found in Minnesota?
  4. Who writes a column in the Trib called, "The Old Scout?"
  5. What is a "Schmidty Big-Mouth?"
  6. What best describes Edina?
  7. What best describes a meal of hamburger, rice, Tater Tots, green beans, Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, and canned French fried onions?
  8. How mnay SuperBowls have the Vikes won?
  9. Where did Charles Lindbergh grow up?
  10. Where is Potica from?
  11. What instrument does Peter Oustroushko play (mostly)?
  12. Who played harp in Lamont Cranston?
  13. What happened in the sixth inning of the sixth game of the '91 World Series?
  14. What are Lefse and Lutefisk?
  15. Who is Russ King?
  16. Where do you go on a hot day?
  17. Where do you go on a hot night?
  18. What's a snowshoe?

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Quiz topic: How Minnesota am I?