How Minnesotan are you?

Minnesota can be a very interesting place! Do you live here? If so, are you a native of Minnesota? Did you grow up in the urbanization of the Twin Cities or either of it's suburbs?

Several million people make up the population of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Are you one of them? Take this quiz and see just how much you know about urban Minnesota!

What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
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What is your gender?
Do you say, "going UP to the lake" or "UP north" when you go on a fishing, hunting, or other trip?
No, I go south
What's up with the UP?
I don't go on trips like that
What lake?
Do you know what the Crosstown Commons refers to?
It's where I-94 and I-35E meet up in St. Paul
It's where Hwy 62 and I-35W and it SUCKS!!!
It's the part of I-94 that goes between Minneapolis and St.Paul
It's the part of I-394 between Hwy 100 and Downtown Minneapolis
It's a park in the middle of Minneapolis
I don't know
What city is the State Fair located in?
St. Paul
Falcon Heights
Can people from other parts of the country tell you that you're from Minnesota because they notice your unmistakable "accent?"
I didn't think Minnesotans had an accent
I've heard of people having that happen to them
I don't know
Do you believe that 20 degrees in January is warm?
Hell yeah! It's a heat wave!
Oh yeah! That's no jacket weather!
Why would anyone think that's warm?
No way! That's freezing!
Have you ever used both the heat and the air conditioning at different times during the same day?
Oh yeah! All the time in the spring and fall!
No, why in the world would anyone do that?
Have you ever been to Duluth?
Many many many times
A few times
Once or twice
No, never been there
Where is Duluth anyway?
Never heard of it
When you refer to a carbonated drink, what do you call it?
Soft Drink
What are the two towns closest to where I-35 splits off into I-35E and I-35W in the north and south respectively?
St. Paul and Minneapolis
Mounds View and Mendota Heights
Inver Grove Heights and Anoka
Forest Lake and Lakeville
Stillwater and St. Cloud
Hinkley and Albert Lea
What is the speed limit around the 694/494 loop?
What city separates Minneapolis and St. Paul?
Golden Valley
None, they border each other
Are there really 10,000 lakes in Minnesota?
No, not even close to that many!
Pretty close, but more closer to 8,000
Not exactly, but right around 10,000
Pretty close, but more closer to 12,000
No, lots more, like 15,000+
What do Minnesotans commonly refer to as our 2 major seasons?
Winter and Summer
Winter and Spring
Spring and Fall
Winter and Road Construction
Cold and Hot
Wind Chill and Humidity
Is the northern most part of Minnesota also the northern most point in the lower 48 states?
No, Maine is farther north
No, Washington is farther north
No, Montana is farther north
No, North Dakota is farther north
I don't know

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