How Minnesotan are ya?

Just a little quiz I made about my home state, Minnesota. I see all these other quizzes for Georgia, Alabama...I thought I'd try my home state...wish ya all the best of'll do just fine...maybe

So you think you can ace it? Even know where we're located on the map? Well good luck...better cook up some lefse while you're taking this test...or start baking some leutefisk and drink some Schells!

Created by: Katie
  1. What is Canterbury?
  2. Which is NOT a casino in Minnesota?
  3. Bob Dylan was born here...which city?
  4. We consist mainly of:
  5. We are land of 1,000
  6. There is a statue of a comic book character in Sleepy Eye...which one is it?
  7. Who is the (stupid) governor of the state?
  8. On a summer day, which of these will you NOT see?
  9. What can't you do an Boyd Good Time Days?
  10. Which of these towns is the largest?

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