How Minnesotan Are You?

Many people think that they are true Minneostans, but there are a select few who can tell you how they make cheese curds. And when the State fair starts.

Are you a true Minnesotan? Do you everything there is to know about minnesota. do you have the right to say that you are a minnesotan. well take this quiz and find out if you can call your self a minnesotan!

Created by: David
  1. At the Minnesota State Fair people like to put food on/in what?
  2. The Twins and the Vikings play where?
  3. How many sport teams left Minnesota?
  4. What is the state bird?
  5. What is the capital of Minnesota?
  6. Befor the Twins came to Minnesota where did they play befor?
  7. How many superbowls did the Vikings win?
  8. What is the current goveners name?
  9. How cold can it get in the winter?
  10. Do you or have you been to a cabin?

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Quiz topic: How Minnesotan am I?