Another How Minnesotan Are You quiz

How Minnesotan are you? Did you grow up in Minnesota, currently live there now, or just enjoy taunting people who elongate their O's? Take this quiz to see how you compare!

How Minnesotan are you? Think you know about Minnesota? Do you live there, have relatives who live there, or know nothing about it? Check out this quiz and see how you compare!

Created by: Cassie
  1. What do you call a carbonated beverage?
  2. Have you ever been ice fishing or hunting?
  3. Three of the smartest things to have in your car are:
  4. Do you have all-season tires on year round?
  5. What happened on October 31, 1991?
  6. Have you been commented on because of your accent?
  7. Your classes have been canceled because of snow.
  8. How do you feel about 40 degree weather?
  9. What is "cow tipping"?
  10. You've said "oofta!"
  11. What are the seasons?
  12. Do you complain about Minnesota to others but defend it when others complain about it?
  13. You have owned flannel.
  14. Have you frozen your tongue to a pole?
  15. Where do you drive fast?
  16. When someone says "the cities", you know what they're referring to.
  17. You've been to the cabin.
  18. You know where and what Dinkytown and Uptown are.

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