A Minnesota quiz for the REST of us

There are two types of people in Minnesota - at least that is the way it seems sometimes - there are the crazy people in metro that tend to forget that there is a massive state that they live in; and then, there are the rest of us. This is a quiz to see if you are a "real" Minnesotan - even if you do live in the cities...

Do you enjoy the rest of this great state? There are people who claim to be from Minnesota, but are really only from the Metro - see if you would fit in with the rest of us that live in the REAL Minnesota.

Created by: 10141066

  1. Do you get really irritated at those people from "The Cities" and other metro areas that just can't drive normally?
  2. Have you ever considered burning down and or breaking and entering some of those "cabins" on the lakes that are only used 1 or 2 weeks per year?
  3. How large is your property?
  4. With 11,842 lakes in the state (according to the DNR), how many are within 5 miles of where you live?
  5. Vikings or Packers?
  6. Ever been to the BWCAW?
  7. Do you own at least one gun and/or bow?
  8. Do you live on a farm? If so, what kind?
  9. Have you ever been up to "The Range"?
  10. Have you ever listened to A Prairie Home Companion?

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