Is Your Therapist A Bad Therapist?

Has your therapist made you uncomfortable? Do you feel unsafe around your therapist? Or do you just feel like you aren't making any progress at all? Well

You should take this quiz to find out if you should consider switching therapists or not! Switching therapists isn't that bad, most people have to switch four or five times before they find a therapist that works for them!

Created by: AmeliaSmothers
  1. Counselor does not have sufficient and specific training to address your issues and/or attempts to treat problems outside the scope of the practice.
  2. Therapist is not interested in the changes you want to make and your goals for therapy.
  3. Counselor / Therapist wants to "fix" the problem or help you learn how to cope with it?
  4. Therapist provides no explanation of how you will know when your therapy is complete.
  5. Therapist makes guarantees and/or promises.
  6. Therapist is upset when their way of counselling does not work for you
  7. Counselor tries to convince you not to switch counselors
  8. Counselor is judgmental or critical of your behavior, lifestyle, or problems.
  9. Therapist "looks down" at you or treats you as inferior in subtle or not so subtle ways.
  10. Therapist knowingly or unknowingly gets personal psychological needs met at the expense of focusing on you and your therapy. (( they personally feel better when they counsel you and often bring up their own problems / ask for advice when counselling you ))
  11. Counselor has tried to be your friend (ask to hang out with you / have a counselling session in a public area)
  12. Counselor either talks too much (( not letting you speak and describing your feelings to you )) OR does not talk at all (( wants you to solve the issues while they just listen ))
  13. Therapist tells you the identities of their other clients?
  14. Counselor tries to diagnose you even when they can't legally do that?
  15. Therapist tries not to diagnose you because your diagnosis might be out of their field of study and therefore you would need a different therapist.
  16. Counselor is not sensitive enough to your beliefs / culture / religion.. OR tries to force their own beliefs / culture / religion on you.
  17. Counselor doesn't remember your name and/or doesn't remember your interactions from one session to the next.
  18. Counselor tells you one thing and then tells your parents / doctor a completely different thing, then acts clueless when you're both in the same room.
  19. Counselor pushes you into highly vulnerable feelings or memories against your wishes.
  20. Counselor / Therapist expects your issues to be solved once talked about

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Quiz topic: Is my Therapist A Bad Therapist?