Does He Like Me (for Girls)?

Almost every girl gets a school or college crush at some point of their lives, and always wander if he likes them back! Boys usually do show mixed emotions, which makes it hard to have an accurate to this problem- so that is why I decided to create an accurate quiz!

Do you have a crush and wander if he has the same feelings for you back? Please answer these 20 accurate questions which all appeal perfectly to the quiz! With every result, there is a piece of advice that will also help you with your problem!

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. Have you ever told him that you have a crush, and made up a fake name? If so, how does he react.
  2. Has he ever talked to you about your problems and helped you with them?
  3. Do you catch him looking at you? If so, what are his emotions?
  4. There is a class question, and you are picked to answer. Does your crush ever tell you the answer?
  5. Does he try to clean you up, like if you have mud, grass or anything on your back, he wipes it off?
  6. Do you hear rumours about your crush likes you back, even when your crushes friends say it to him or even you?
  7. If he ever sits near you, does he talk about his Likes/dislikes to other people making sure your hearing, or does he say them to you?
  8. Do you both talk often?
  9. Have you ever been told he has talked about you behind his back? If so, was it positive or negative comments?
  10. Does he play around with you? For example, punches your arm or back lightly, pranks you, etc.
  11. When you are talking to him, is he listening or ignoring you?
  12. Has he ever told you about his problems- and only you?
  13. When you are standing next to him, what does he do?
  14. What are your popularity statuses?
  15. Does he like to make you laugh, or does he try to do something crazy to catch your or someone else's attention?
  16. If you are talking to another boy, and laughing and joking around, then you see your crush. What is he doing?
  17. Do you share the same interests?
  18. Is he already in a relationship?

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