Wander Over Yonder Test

Wander Over Yonder is a cartoon about a pair of aliens, Wander and Sylvia, who spread happiness everywhere, contrary to Lord Hater, Peepers, and his Watchdog army.

How much do you really know? Are you a know-it-all or not? Before this quiz, that would be hard. Now, you can take this and test your smarts against mine!

Created by: Quiz Owl

  1. Sylvia is a...
  2. Captain Tim was given to whom?
  3. How did Westley the Watchdog stop working for Lord Hater?
  4. Who was the mortal enemy of Prince Cashmere and his army?
  5. Commander Peepers leads Lord Hater's army of what?
  6. Which episode involves Wander singing The Button Song?
  7. What does Emperor Awesome have?
  8. Captain Tim is...
  9. What was in the box in "The Box?"
  10. What color is Wander's hat and why is it special?
  11. True or False?: Lord Hater said, "You will pay for this, stars!" after a fortune teller says he will be a great leader.
  12. Wander likes...
  13. Which quote didn't Sylvia say?
  14. What was Sylvia constantly being called in "The Box?"
  15. What was one of the phrases on a wanted poster in "The Fugitives?"
  16. What was Sylvia's signal?
  17. What were two choices Hater had between Wander's sandwiches?
  18. What does Wander where in "The Bad Guy?"
  19. Sylvia is Hater's enemy as well as Wander is. What does he draw around her neck?
  20. Who leads the Bingleborps in "The Greatest?"
  21. Who does the egg belog to in "The Egg?"

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