Are You Link From TLOZ? Or Are You Wander From SOTC?

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Hello yet again everyone!:D For this test, you shall see who your personality fits best with either Link from the famous The Legend Of Zelda series, or Wander from the beautiful PS2 game, Shadow of the Colossus!:D.

Are you excited to see who you're gonna be?:3 Well, I just hope that you enjoy this quiz 'cuz I worked hard on it! After all, I am a huge Shadow of the Colossus and the Legend of Zelda fan!:D Ready... Setty... TEST!

Created by: sum1udon'tknow
  1. What horse would you rather have to ride? Agro or Epona?
  2. Of the following items, which ones would you like to have with you in battle?
  3. Who's sword would you rather have to fight with in battle? Link's Master Sword or Wander's magic sword?
  4. How would you describe yourself?
  5. What's your hair color?
  6. What would your battle cry be?
  7. Of the songs listed, what would you like to hear playing while you were kicking your enemy's a$$?
  8. Alright the next question is- agh! Help me!! Monsters just randomly spawned outa nowhere and are trying to attack me!!! (What do you do?)
  9. Phew! Thanks for saving me!(that is... If you did :P)
  10. Alright... Now that that little dramatization is over... Are you ready to see who you are? :3.

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Quiz topic: Am I Link From TLOZ? Or am I Wander From SOTC?