Does your guy crush feel the same?

There are tons of couples in the world, but us young people just have to wonder how it started. What is love? That's a tough question. It's almost impossible to answer! Another question is how to tell if someone likes you. This has an answer. It's very important. If we couldn't tell then we would have a difficult life. Lucky for you this quiz exists.

This quiz gives you a percentage on how much I think your crush likes you. This is just my opinion so its not definite or 100% accurate. No love quiz is 100% accurate. This quiz is pretty darn close though!

Created by: Sabrina Leda
  1. When you guys talk how does he sit or stand?
  2. Let's say you see him at the store or in the halls at school. He looks straight into your eyes and you both stay like that for a while. What would usually happen next?
  3. Do your friends think y'all will make a good couple? Do they say he has flirted with them before?
  4. Let's say that you guys have to work on a project together for something important like you can win $100000000. Or something what would happen?
  5. Do you think you can get anyone you want?
  6. If someone started to develop a crush on you and you didn't like them what would you probably do?
  7. Can you be considered a nerd? (not in a mean way)
  8. Which best describes him?
  9. How does this guy usually greet you?
  10. Have you told him how you feel? Does he still talk to you?
  11. If you ran into him on accident what would he say?
  12. Is he nice to the girls or rude?
  13. Has he ever appeared in one of your dreams? Is it romantic or just friends?
  14. Do you have any pics of him? If so then where were his arms and feet?
  15. How many girlfriends has he had this year alone?
  16. If you had a twin brother and he wanted to know how to get a girl to like him what would your guy crush most likely say to him?
  17. Do you think he likes you? (this question will not count so be honest!"
  18. Last Question. I can't force you to do anything, but please rate and/or comment so I can improve if needed. Thank you! (not graded)

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Quiz topic: Does my guy crush feel the same?