Are you really in love(Girls version)

Are you really in love with your crush do you really wnat to become his girlfriend lets find out in my quiz Are you really in love if you love your crush enough to talk to him do it BUT first take my test to be sure

Are YOU in love do you have a crush does your crush love you you will never know until you take this awesom quiz it is filled with crush questions and even some random questions

Created by: Cheyenne
  1. What does he do when you talk to him
  2. Does he play with your hair or mess with you in any way
  3. Has he ever stared at you before
  4. Do you want your crush to be your husband
  5. If you could describe your crush in one word what would it be
  6. How many times have you kissed your crush
  7. (random question)if you had to pick between humans or animals which would it be
  8. Do you and your crush have anything in common
  9. (random question)what is your fav color
  10. (random question)what is your fav kind of music

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Quiz topic: Am I really in love(Girls version)