love is like a time of your life and you will find it but you can see the balance between worlds about love and such but you can be apart of seeing the truth and lying

lets go people and have a quiz of what to do about with your date this test will see how good of a girlfriend are you to be about common the best quiz

Created by: erica
  1. what is your perfect date?
  2. what kind of person are you?
  3. what kind of pet do you like
  4. if you have to break up with your boyfriend how will you do it?
  5. would you move on
  6. if a guy was asking you out in front of your boyfriend s much better looking and such
  7. if your bf has a im message and hes doing his bisness and its about his date last night with another girl what do you do
  8. you go to school and his bff comes and takes away from you
  9. if your lover was sick you
  10. if you want your bff on the football team and he ditches it and wants to be on the debating team you

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