A Combination of Fantasy Worlds: A Love Story part 2

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Here it is again, another online love story. But this time is a little different. Instead of characters I made up, these characters are from three different series, which I will not name here, as it would ruin a surprise!

Here is the plot: you are in your school alone (you are 15, by the way.) when you get captured, and taken to the mansion in the world between worlds! There, three boys tell you of your dire predicament, and the horrible truth about your world.

Created by: Rayray
  1. You feel a soft cloth against you face. The ground beneath you is squishy, comfy. Bed. You have to be in bed. You remember your dream and smile. Quite a dream. A combination of fantasy worlds. You didn't think you had such a vivid imagination. "Mom!" you call, sitting up and stretching. "Can you get me eggs? I'm really hun-" you stop suddenly, because just then, you open your eyes. The room was the same as from your dreams. The same piano. The same paintings. The same stained glass window. You lower your hands from the stretch and glare at the window menacingly.
  2. Again, there is a soft knock at the door. "Come in!" you call out, and, sure enough, the same three boys entered. They are wearing the clothes as before, but are completely clean, so they either washed the clothes or have a lot of the same type, like Einstein, and that dude in The Fly. "Good morning," said Josh. "mornin'" said Percy. You all turned to look at Artemis, expecting him to say something in French or whatever. But he is distracted, gazing out at the window. That strange stained glass window. Josh nudged him in the ribs, and he distractedly said "Good Morning."
  3. Percy clears his throat awkwardly and asks "Don't you need to change clothes?" As a matter of fact you do. And you need to take a shower. You nod eagerly and a wardrobe thunks into existence. The boys leave politely, and Josh calls out "See you at lunchtime!" . You get out of bed and open the wardrobe. Which outfit do you pick?
  4. You put on the clothes you chose, and walk outside. You can still remember the way to the kitchen. When you get there, the boys are already eating breakfast. Your favorite breakfast meal is sitting at the place you sat last time. You sit down, and notice that while Percy and Josh are having a nice conversation, Artemis is quietly staring at his food.
  5. For the first time, you notice that most of the rest of the table was empty of people. "Where are the rest of the guests?" you ask. The boys look at each other nervously. "They couldn't make it." Said Percy, and the way he said it meant subject closed.
  6. In a few bites, the rest of your breakfast disappeared. You stare at the clean plate glumly. It was very good. Noticing your unhappiness, Josh asked "do you want to see the rest of the house?"
  7. Without waiting for your answer, Josh jumped up and left. You have no choice but to follow. After a few minutes, you come across a huge door, which you push open easily. And inside was the biggest library you have ever seen.
  8. Josh then leaves, and you walk deeper into the library to find the book you want to read or just for the heck of it (depending on your answer) when you come across a huge, old, leather book that stank of evil and cliché-ness. You rushed past the book, trying to not let yourself be tempted. You sat down and picked up a random book to try and clear your mind of temptation, but the thing was practically calling your name, and you weren't very interested in rocket science, anyways. You rushed over to where the book was and opened it to a random page. What you saw was so horrible, you dropped it immediately and screamed. Then another smell, far worse then the book, hit you. It made you dizzy, and you fell down. When your mind cleared, you saw a huge thing standing over you. It looked like a man made out of clay, but huge. Rotten cabbages stuck out from its body here and there, which explained the smell. What do you do?
  9. But you can't do anything. You body and mind are paralyzed with fear. The thing steps towards you, with a great big thump. Another step. This thing was slow, but was big enough to squash you under one step. The door banged open, and Josh ran up to the thing. What looked like a gold fireball whizzed out of his hand and hit the thing in the abdomen. It turned around, apparently unhurt, and tried to smash him into pulp. Josh dodged it, climbed up his arm and stuck his hand in its mouth, pulling out an old piece of paper. The thing fell over, dead. Josh picked himself up of the floor, walked over to you helped you up, then kissed you.
  10. After he was done, he whispered in your ear "Please don't do that again. I don't want you to die." Then you suddenly realized how late it was. It was creeping towards evening. You yawned, and he carried you off to bed, with the others tagging along behind. After you got tucked in by Percy and Josh, they left. Artemis said Goodnight, and was about to leave when you cried out. "Wait! I need to ask you something." He turned around and looked you in the eye. "Yes?" You took a deep breath and asked "What is with the window? Why is it so........ strange?" He looked at you sadly. "I wish I could tell you." He said sadly. Then he shook his head slightly and said "You need to rest for tomorrow's decision" "What?!" You scream, "I need more time! I can't decide tomorrow!" He looks regretful. "I'm sorry," he said weakly, "there is nothing I can do." Then he turns on his heel and leaves.

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