A Combination of Fantasy Worlds: A Love Story part 1

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Here it is again, another online love story. But this time is a little different. Instead of characters I made up, these characters are from three different series, which I will not name here, as it would ruin a surprise!

Here is the plot: you are in your school alone (you are 15, by the way.) when you get captured, and taken to the mansion in the world between worlds! There, three boys tell you of your dire predicament, and the horrible truth about your world.

Created by: Rayray

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  1. You are walking down the hallways of your school, going to math class. The hallways are unusually quiet. It’s only you. Strange. You check your watch. You’re not late. What’s going on? Suddenly you hear a noise! You turn around, but nobody’s there… What do you do?
  2. You enter your math class, yet, nobody is in there. Not even the teacher. You go back into the hallways. You search the entire campus. There is nobody. Finally, you give up and set your things down. “Help!” you cry to the heavens. Then you hear a noise behind you! You turn around, thinking somebody’s there. Instead, you see a huge, pig-like thing with titanic teeth that were sharp as your Aunt Mable’s tongue. What do you do?
  3. Before you could act upon any of the previous answers, a bronze sword poked through the things neck. Then the… thing… exploded into yellow powder. “Show-off.” Muttered a voice. Directly after that, a titanium-tipped dart swished into your leg. Naturally, everything went black.
  4. You awaken in a large room. Rembrandt paintings were scattered around the walls. A piano was placed carefully in one corner. The only source of light was coming from a huge stained glass window depicting a wolf on an edge of a cliff, howling at a GIGANTIC full moon. You are lying in a huge canopy bed. You climb out of bead shakily. Suddenly, a door opens, and three people walk in. The first was dressed in a midnight blue suit, and was as pale as a ghost. He had raven black hair, but his eyes were in deep shadow. The second was wearing normal jeans, Reeboks and an orange t-shirt that said something, but it was hard to make out in the gloom. He had brown-black hair and sea green eyes. The third was wearing designer black jeans and t-shirt. His shaggy blonde hair seemed to glow in the poor light. His eyes were a crystal blue. The strange trio walked over to you. “Sit, please,” said the raven-haired boy. You sit without protest on the piano bench.
  5. “I am sorry about the sedative.” Said the first boy, “but we had to transport you safely from the real world.” ‘The real world?’ you wonder, but you do not speak. “You are in the in-between world, the world between worlds.” Explained the second boy, though his explanation did not clear up a lot of questions. “Like in the first book in Narnia.” Piped up the third. You’d finally had it. “All right, were am I? Why am I here? When can I go home?” the three boys looked at each other nervously. Finally, the first boy said “You are in the mansion at the center world. The world between worlds. You are here because it is too dangerous to live in your world, and you can never go home.”
  6. “You have been developing unnatural powers, and the monsters of the bookworlds, that’s our worlds by the way, have been developing an interest in you. So three different boys from three different bookworlds, again us, have come to ask if you would like to live in their specific bookworld.” Said the third boy. You gawk at them for a second, then ask “So… you’re all from BOOKS?!” the third boy smiles and holds’ out his hand. “Josh Newman from The Alchemyst series, at your service.” You turn to the second boy. “Percy Jackson.” He said shaking your hand. You turn to the last boy. “And you are-?” you ask. “Artemis Fowl II.” He said, shaking your hand
  7. Suddenly, a bell chimes from afar. “Lunchtime!!” Yells Josh, then him and Percy rush out the door. Artemis watches them go without moving.
  8. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, but could only have been a few seconds, Artemis followed them silently. You pause for a second, but then follow him out the door. The rest of the mansion was brightly light with elaborate candelabras, and huge windows. It was colorful too, with red, yellow, green and purple walls. The kitchen, however, is a creamy white. You sit down, and are instantly served _______, which is your favorite lunchtime dish. You take a bite. It is the best _______ you have ever eaten. You finish it quickly, and stand to go back to your room, but notice that the three boys are walking through yet another door. You follow them, and enter a lush orchard. All the boys are sitting in trees, eating fruits. The look up and call to you, (simultaneously) “Try this fruit! It is the best!”
  9. Whatever fruit you chose, it as the best thing you had ever tasted in your life. Then, you spot a tree with heart shaped golden fruits! You rush over, unaware of the cries of “No!” from the boys. You reach up and pick one of the fruits. Before you can sink your teeth into it, a huge dragon-thing coils up before you. It bore its’ teeth, and you can see a fireball starting to grow in the back of its’ throat. Before it could breath fire on you, Percy jumped on its’ neck. He reached for Riptide, but the monster bucked, and it flew out of his reach. So he kicked the thing in the side, making it fall over. He grabbed Riptide, uncapped it, and, well, to put it politely, made the monster explode into yellow dust. “Never try to take a peach of happiness again, ok?” said Percy, hand on his knees.
  10. All three escort you back to your room. You are tired from all the things that have happened, and you need some time to rest. “Good night.” Said Percy and left. “Bon sior.” Said Artemis, and he left the room, too. Then it was just you and Josh. “Good night.” He said, and kissed you on the cheek.

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