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Now, as with my fantasy cliche-o-meter, don't take this too seriously. However, while the originality of a fantasy story is more subjective, villains can definitely be cliche. For example, if your villain spends all day sitting on his throne cackling to himself about how he intends to be the evilest guy around, it's pretty obviously overused. Ask anybody.

I designed this quiz mainly to apply to _fantasy_ villains (although I can see how it might apply to sci-fi villains.) So, don't try a villain from a real-life story on here, because the questions generally pertain to the fantasy realm. A last note...villains are supposed to be evil. It's their purpose in a fantasy story. So I omitted some so-called cliches, like "Is your villain evil?" Because those are kind of dumb. So, yeah.

Created by: Sherlock
  1. You knew this was going to be on here. Does your villain cackle/laugh/chuckle/chortle/guffaw evilly?
  2. Does your villain wear long robes of black or red (or a dark shade of any other color?)
  3. Your villain is motivated by:
  4. Your villain spends a lot of time on his throne.
  5. Your villain kills many of his own minions.
  6. His minions are:
  7. These minions are...
  8. The villain keeps some sort of dangerous, fearsome beast.
  9. The villain's name means something like "dark" or "death" or "evil" or "devil" in another language.
  10. The villain is referred to as "The Dark Lord."
  11. Your villain's name is an adjective.
  12. The villain explains his plan to the hero because he assumes that he's about to kill the hero anyway.
  13. The villain is a grand vizier/high priest/evil advisor to the king.
  14. How about an evil emperor?
  15. The villain was once apprentice to the hero's mentor. (Like Vader and Obi-Wan.)
  16. Does the villain wear a mask?
  17. Does he have...
  18. Is the villain scarred or disfigured?
  19. Does he honestly believe that no one can defeat him?
  20. Does he have a minion to confide his evil plans to?
  21. Does he have a goatee?
  22. He is...
  23. Is he a shapeshifter?
  24. Hypnotic eyes?
  25. Plays a giant organ?
  26. Does he ever give monologues?
  27. Does he torture insects/little animals just for fun/to show his cruelty/just because he feels like it/etc.?
  28. Does he create elaborate death traps for heroes (instead of just killing them them and there)?
  29. Is his fortress in a volcanic, dismal land?
  30. Does he keep coming back after he's killed?
  31. Meets his death by "deus ex machina?"

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