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  • Which Disney Princess Are You?
    [published: Aug 9, 2013]

    Which one of the Disney Princesses are you most like? The possible results are Merida, Rapunzel,…

  • The Disney Character Quiz
    [published: Jul 8, 2013]

    How much do you know about Disney characters? Do you consider yourself a hardcore Disney fan? Are you a…

  • The Difficult Redwall Quiz
    [published: Jul 2, 2013]

    Redwall is a series of fantasy books written by Brian Jacques. They involve an Abbey of talking…

  • The Lion King: Which Lion Are You?
    [published: Feb 15, 2011]

    This is a personality test made about the Disney movie "The Lion King" as well as its sequel…

  • Which Pixar Character Are You?
    [published: Jun 30, 2010]

    Pixar has made a lot of great computer-animated films. This is a personality test to see which…

  • Which Star Wars Villain Are You?
    [published: Jun 4, 2010]

    Okaaaay, so I already made a quiz (and a better one) for the good guys. So, I figured it would…

  • A Detailed Star Wars Personality Quiz
    [published: Jun 4, 2010]

    This is a Star Wars personality quiz. NOTE: It only includes the good guys, and I couldn't…

  • What Genre Do You Belong In?
    [published: May 7, 2010]

    There are many genres of fiction, fantasy, horror, musical, and many more. Have you…

  • Fantasy Hero Cliche-o-Meter
    [published: May 1, 2010]

    A note: When I say "hero" on this test, I mean "protagonist", or "main character". They could be male…

  • Villain Cliche-o-Meter
    [published: Apr 30, 2010]

    Now, as with my fantasy cliche-o-meter, don't take this too seriously. However, while the originality of a…

  • Which Fantasy Archetype Are You?
    [published: Feb 21, 2010]

    There are only so many character archetypes in fantasy books and movies. There's the hero,…

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