Which Star Wars Villain Are You?

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Okaaaay, so I already made a quiz (and a better one) for the good guys. So, I figured it would only be fair for the bad guys to have one, too. Hence this quiz.

I hope I don't have to say that this is only a quiz, and if you get Palpatine that does not mean you really have to go start planning the next Galactic Empire, etc, etc. So, yeah.

Created by: Sherlock
  1. What is your preferred style of fighting?
  2. Which do you have the most of?
  3. What do you remind people of?
  4. Pick one.
  5. What is your height?
  6. What plan sounds the best?
  7. What do you prefer?
  8. Who's your least favorite Star Wars good guy?
  9. Attitude?
  10. A Jedi just called you a fool. What do you reply?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars Villain am I?