Which Star Wars character are you?

There are many people who like Star Wars, and it made me wonder if they wondered what character they would be if they where a star wars character. THey are all interesting to me, and you can always imagine yourself being them, but i thought it would be better friom a different point of veiw.

Which Star wars character are you? Do you have the good or bad to be a star wars character? maybe. but maybe not. but now, perhaps you'll want to find out.

Created by: Caroline
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  1. A guy at school steals your lunch money. what do you do?
  2. Your dead father sends you a letter. then a few days later he shows up at your doorstep. He asks if he can come in your house. do you let him in?
  3. You get into trouble and are blamed for something you didn't do. how do you handle this?
  4. You see someone dying on the ground. what do you do?
  5. you see someone robbing a bank. you can catch him, but what do you do?
  6. Your friends have been kidnapped. if you try to rescue them, there is a small chance of success, and a large chance of death. If you leave them, they are killed anyway. do you-
  7. you see an elderly woman with a flower that is exremely pretty. you know your girlfriend will love it. but how and what do you do to get it?
  8. you see a woman carrying groceries. she drops something and doesn't notice. do you-
  9. You hurt yourself fighting at Battle. you edge along the ground, but are shot again. your best friend sees you and runs over. do you say-
  10. You have just found a prized posetion of your worst enemy. do you-

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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars character am I?