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A note: When I say "hero" on this test, I mean "protagonist", or "main character". They could be male or female. I put "he" on the questions because it looked a lot less confusing than putting "he or she". So, don't slam me for being sexist or anything. Because that is not what I intended.

EDIT: I no longer stand behind most of what I put on this test. In fact, I would delete it if the site would LET me. The same goes for the villain test (okay, maybe slightly less.)

Created by: Sherlock
  1. The hero is raised by people who aren't really his parents.
  2. If he doesn't know they're not his parents, does he find out when he comes home to find the house ransacked by agents of evil and his "parents" dying?
  3. The hero was raised on a farm.
  4. The hero is heir to the throne.
  5. The hero has a wizard for a mentor.
  6. The hero is of lowly birth and falls in love with a princess/lady high above his class.
  7. The hero falls in love with an elf or other immortal being.
  8. The hero goes from knowing nothing about swords to becoming a great sword-master in about two weeks.
  9. The hero is the Chosen One from an ancient prophecy.
  10. The hero is born with powers that will enable him to become the greatest wizard ever.
  11. The hero goes to a school/camp/academy where he (along with fellow magically talented children) learns to use his magic powers.
  12. The hero is a wizard/magic-user in a story set in the everyday world (Earth), where nobody believes in magic.
  13. The hero's magical powers are connected to elements, like "water" or "fire".
  14. An UN-cliche connected to the above: Is the hero an ordinary human being who can't or doesn't use magic of any sort?
  15. Another UN-cliche: Are both the hero's parents alive?
  16. Is the supporting cast more interesting than your rather bland hero?
  17. The hero is trained by a sage who has strange speech patterns and utters mystical-sounding nonsense like "you must fill your mind with nothingness to concentrate deeply on the aspects of the balance of spirits"?
  18. Every few pages the hero will say something like, "Why me?"
  19. The hero is on a quest for a magical artifact.
  20. The hero is your wish fulfillment.
  21. Another UN-cliche: Is your hero middle-aged or older?
  22. UN-cliche again: Is the hero married?
  23. The hero has an evil sibling.
  24. The hero is a dragon rider.
  25. The heroine is a princess or high-born lady escaping an arranged marriage.
  26. The hero is cocky and arrogant.
  27. The heroine is so beautiful that all the men in the story fall in love with her.
  28. The hero is so handsome that all the women in the story fall in love with him.
  29. The hero has a dark past connected to the villain in some way.
  30. The hero recovers from an otherwise fatal injury because he has "the will to live".
  31. The heroes are children from our world, who find the doorway to other worlds.
  32. The hero wields a magic sword.
  33. The hero gets away with some cruelty, because his being the hero justifies it.
  34. The heroine is a rebellious princess.
  35. The hero is the center of your story's universe.
  36. The hero rebels against the society's traditions.
  37. Small, slim girls or boys use longbows.
  38. The hero spends a lot of time sulking, and the supporting cast doesn't find it annoying for some reason.
  39. An UN-cliche: Instead of being called to adventure (or forced into it), is the hero the catalyst of his own adventures?
  40. Does the hero or heroine have unusual eyes? (Like huge, glittery, and violet-colored)
  41. UN-cliche: Does the hero ever make a mistake that actually has consequences and _isn't_ explained away?
  42. Is the heroine always complaining that she isn't beautiful enough?
  43. Is the heroine embittered by some past event that makes her determined to hate all men and never fall in love?
  44. Does the hero win every fight he or she is in except when the opponent has cheated?

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