Which Pixar Character Are You?

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Pixar has made a lot of great computer-animated films. This is a personality test to see which character from a Pixar film you are. I couldn't fit them all, but I included as many as I could.

So, go ahead and take the quiz! But what are you looking up here for? The quiz is down there.

Created by: Sherlock
  1. Which sounds like the most fun?
  2. A quality of yours?
  3. You and your friends have a really fun club. Then one day a newcomer joins and starts taking over. Your friends all seem to actually LIKE this person, and not mind their bossiness!
  4. You are walking down the street when you are approached by a huge growling dog.
  5. A negative quality of yours?
  6. Your view of life is...
  7. Among your friends, you are...
  8. Do you want to be famous some day?
  9. Would you describe yourself as "old-fashioned"?
  10. You really dislike...

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Quiz topic: Which Pixar Character am I?