A Detailed Star Wars Personality Quiz

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This is a Star Wars personality quiz. NOTE: It only includes the good guys, and I couldn't even fit all of them. So, yeah. I put 'detailed' in the title because of the quiz length, which will provide greater accuracy in the results.

If you don't like your result, well, it's only a quiz after all. If you do, that's great. Remember, there are no villains on this test, because I didn't have any room, and heroes before villains.

Created by: Sherlock
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  1. In which way do you usually act?
  2. You are given a task to complete by the following week. What do you do?
  3. Do you believe in strict observance of the established rules?
  4. When someone makes you angry, what do you do?
  5. You take life...
  6. Which of these words comes the closest to describing you?
  7. Are you more cautious or reckless?
  8. Are you moody?
  9. Are you considerate?
  10. Do you have control mania?
  11. Do you like to make sarcastic remarks?
  12. When you are friends with someone, you...
  13. Do you have a flippant attitude?
  14. What would the Sith use to lure you to the Dark Side?
  15. People view you as...
  16. What is your view on danger?
  17. How do you feel about power?
  18. Which of these are you/do you think you might be someday?
  19. You wish for...
  20. Do you lie often?
  21. Are you hardworking?
  22. Honestly speaking, do you think you could become a Jedi?
  23. Do you consider yourself exceptionally handsome/beautiful?
  24. A fault of yours?
  25. How calm are you in danger?
  26. Which do you do more often?
  27. Are you "stiffly dignified"?
  28. Are you a cynic?
  29. Are you a narcissist?
  30. How much into politics are you?

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