What Nature Force Are You?

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Balance, strength and flexibility are important components of your success. Our test helps you understand your Life Force Energy Archetype and allows you to transform the energy of your body, career and relationships in the positive way. Your score will demonstrate where you are and teach you how to generate, sustain and nurture your Life Force energy, so you can energize your health, love life and professional endeavors with the natural forces at your fingertips.

Your result shows your dominant personality trend at the time of assessment. Take this test to learn what Nature Force rules your life and try to balance your energy as suggested in your score information. Retake this text some time later to see if and how your score changes to reflect positive changes in your personality and life.

Created by: Svetlana Pritzker
  1. I love to support others in reaching their goals.
  2. I am energetic and enthusiastic.
  3. I have a deep aspiration for learning.
  4. I make choices and arrive at decisions quickly.
  5. I take time to reflect and contemplate.
  6. I like to join with and stay connect to others.
  7. I make friends and network easily.
  8. I make decisions based on facts.
  9. I like to win
  10. I need to know the truth. Truth is very important to me.
  11. I am very loyal. I deeply appreciate loyalty.
  12. I am spontaneous and need excitement in my life.
  13. I need to understand things. I ask a lot of questions.
  14. I am willing to take risks.
  15. I incline to be retrospective.
  16. I am nurturing and encouraging.
  17. I easily get uninterested and bored.
  18. I like systems. I need order.
  19. I can make the point fast and easy.
  20. I enjoy being alone.
  21. I like to diffuse problematic situations.
  22. I am an easy going, assertive person.
  23. I like structures.
  24. I love new ventures and adventures.
  25. I am focused on personal growth.
  26. I often put the interests of others before my own.
  27. I love to connect with people through networking.
  28. I need clarity before I act.
  29. I always try to seek and understand reasons.
  30. I love to focus on a big picture.
  31. I like to be wanted, I need to be needed.
  32. I am sensitive to feelings and thoughts of others.
  33. I like excellence. I am a perfectionist.
  34. I am a natural leader and I enjoy it.
  35. I am tireless and thorough.
  36. I often worry about future acts and people.
  37. I often worry about future acts and people.
  38. I love interesting and motivating environments.
  39. I am well-organized and tidy.
  40. I am well-organized and tidy.
  41. I am ambitious ad single-minded.
  42. I am careful and practical.
  43. I do not care for acknowledgment, but I like to be valued.
  44. I share my opinion and feelings easily.
  45. I feel more relaxed when others follow protocols.
  46. I am confident and act assertively.
  47. I do not share much of my thoughts and feelings.
  48. Would you like to know your life purpose?

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