Does he like me? ( accurate in someways)

Have you ever been wondering if you crush likes you?Well..... you came to the right place.Here you will found out if your crush really likes you.(of course i used my own personal experience)

DOES your crush like you or LOVE you.if your not sure take the quiz.If you didn't like your result sorry.Remember i said i wrote it out of my own personal experience.Well enough talking lets get to the quiz!

Created by: Zeldafan901

  1. Do you 2 always hang out together?
  2. Do you talk/text each other all the time?
  3. How long have you known each other? (no effect)
  4. Do you like the samethings
  5. You are _____ and he is ______
  6. How long have you liked him?
  7. do you play sports together?
  8. Do you think he likes someone else?
  9. Are you always thinking of him?
  10. Final question will you share this quiz.( i know this question is annoying,just answer it)

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