does HE like you

Hi do you want to know if he likes you take this quiz and I promise its accurate. Trust me I have a huge crush on someone and they immitted that he liked me and now were dating maybe it will be this good for you...

If not don't kill me please I did a lot of research and this should be accurate... but if not why don't you try another quiz now try this one and its a fun short quiz that is super fun

Created by: hebwo of this site
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  1. Does he stare at you
  2. Is he in a relationship
  3. Do you think he likes you
  4. Does he touch you?
  5. Do you like him?
  6. this does not count but do you like green
  7. does he compliment you
  8. Does he look over to see if your laughing if he makes a joke?
  9. How much do you want him to like you?
  10. tenth question you exited

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