Which Economic Ideology are You?

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This is a quiz that attempts to predict which ideology you follow or would be most likely to follow. This quiz is not 100% accurate which may be important to keep in mind. This quiz can still help you get a basic idea of where you are at though.

Some of the questions can have multiple meanings and may be worded unclearly, however, the quiz is intentionally made so that whatever you think the questions most likely mean is what they mean.

Created by: Lucas L
  1. Private ownership of workplace is generally superior to public ownership.
  2. People should provided their basic needs, such as healthcare, education and housing.
  3. Economic oppression by private companies is more of a concern than economic oppression by government.
  4. "To each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."
  5. A one party state is justified if it benefits the people.
  6. Capitalism is the best economic system we have came up with.
  7. Taxes should in most cases be considered theft.
  8. The profit motive of capitalism increases innovation.
  9. The state should be abolished.
  10. An economic system of meritocracy is preferable.
  11. The state should have full undemocratic control over the economy.
  12. Collectivism is not human nature and therefore would never work.
  13. In a capitalist system it is necessary for the rich to be taxed higher than most people.
  14. The means of production should be democratically owned.
  15. The means of production should be privately owned.
  16. The means of production should be directly owned by the workers.
  17. The state is inherently oppressive.
  18. Capitalism is generally more fair than any other system.
  19. The welfare system should be expanded.
  20. The freer market, the freer people.
  21. The public sector is too large.
  22. Currency should eventually be abolished.
  23. Despite what some people think, socialism as an ideology has been effective in certain countries, area or provinces.
  24. The more control workers over their work the better.
  25. Not that they aren't important, but class struggle is a more serious issue than the struggle of other social minority groups such as LGBT people and ethnic minorities.
  26. A post-scarcity society is a likely future.
  27. Society would be better without the state.
  28. Anarcho-Capitalism is just as if not more authoritarian than fascism, its authoritative hierarchy is just based around class rather than government.
  29. Statism is a good idea because the state generally knows what's best for the economy compared to the general population.
  30. Democracy is a necessary part of society.

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