Does he like me? (Improved)

A 31 question, accurate quiz. Im not sure if it can get more accurate than this, but trust me that this had quite a bit of research done. You can assure me!

Now, lets get started on the quiz! If you want accurate results- honest answers. May take awhile, but its worth it, if you want to know if he has those feelings!

Created by: yummy29
  1. Are you friends?
  2. Does he stare at you from a distance, when you are not necessarily talking?
  3. When talking to him, where does he look (most of the time)?
  4. Have you ever, in the past, had a romantic relationship with him or know he loved you?
  5. Has he spoken for you to other people? As in saying things about you as if he thinks he knows you very well? (Example., "she doesnt like this food", "she has a quiet personality", "her favourite sport is soccer")
  6. Has he touched you?
  7. Have you ever gone on a date/hanging out other than the workplace/school environment?
  8. Does he help you when you need it?
  9. If you like/love him, have you told him of your affections towards him?
  10. Has he told you he loves/crushes on you?
  11. Is there another girl whom he may have affection for?
  12. What does he do when he sees you talking to another guy?
  13. How does he act around you?
  14. How long have you known him?
  15. Has he flirted with you? (Example., called you pretty/beautiful/cute/gorgeous/etc, wink at you, smile at you for no reason, compliment you, etc)
  16. Do you text, call each other, email, message online, each other or anything like that?
  17. Has he asked for/followed any of your social networking pages? (Example., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  18. Do his pupils (the black circles in the middle of the eye color circle) dilate/get bigger than half of the eye's color circle WHEN HE LOOKS AT YOU?
  19. Are his eyebrows raised slightly when he LOOKS AT YOU?
  20. Is his body usually angled toward you/ pointing in your direction?
  21. Has he ever suggested to take pictures/selfies of you two together?
  22. Do his friends ever look at you when talking to him, or tease him about you or shove him into you in a similar manner that girls may do when a girl has a crush on a boy?
  23. Does he seem to be loving and caring one day, but then seems mad at you without reason the next day?
  24. Does he give you advice for anything?
  25. Has he given you any sort of good, non-insulting nickname?
  26. Does he tease you/make fun of you?
  27. Does he ask for things from you (Examples., money, food) and doesnt repay you back for them?
  28. When walking together, does he stand beside you?
  29. When you are talking with him, where does he stand?

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