does he like me

This quiz is about seeing if your crush likes you or not...its a very accurate quiz and its very helpful...u will feel great about yourself and know where your at in your guy's relationship.

Want to know if he likes you? Do you want to know how your doing in your relationship with him/her? But if you take this quiz..all of your questions will be answered. ..

Created by: Savanah Morgan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you guys talk to each other?
  2. Do u hang out after school with him/her?
  3. Does he txt or call u?
  4. Do u catch him looking at u?
  5. Do u think he likes u?
  6. Does he tease you or tickle u?
  7. R u a kid/teen? If u r answer any of the 5.if ur 18 and older click the answer choice"no".
  8. What would u call u two?
  9. Rate out of 1-10 How helpful/useless is this quiz? From 1 being horrible to 10 being awesome.
  10. What school u in?
  11. What letter does his /her name start with?
  12. R u friends with his friends?

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