What does your look say about you? (NOT ACCURATE)

This isn't accurate, for sure. Here are three facts about this quiz. One, this quiz is just for fun. Two, It is NOT accurate. And finally three, no one should be whining.

What? I need to write 150 more letters? Fine. Here are more facts. Four, no one reads this. Five, there are twelve questions. Six, this quiz takes only thirty seconds to take. Good luck! Yay! Just reached 150. Byeee!

Created by: NachozVsCupcakes
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hey there! Ready to start?
  2. Okay! I know this is overly used, but... What's your hair color?
  3. ANOTHER overly used question. What's your eye color? *is peeking out behind massive bottle of glue*
  4. THE MOST OVERLY USED QUESTION OF ALL... What is your favorite color?
  5. What is your outfit to a concert on Friday night? (Don't forget, T.G.I.F.)
  6. Would you cut yourself?
  7. Excalibur... Excalibur... From the United King, I am looking for her, I'm going to California!
  8. Choose your fate!
  9. Having fun?
  10. Last one! Oranges or cupcakes? What? I'm just deciding my midnight snack for the day...

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Quiz topic: What does my look say about you? (NOT ACCURATE)