How well do you know Ally&Aj?

Hi! i hope you enjoy this quiz! i made it as accurate as i could, but it might not be accurate. I really hope you enjoy it! i am a fan of her, and i made this easy so you should be able to get a pretty good score!

Do you have the knowledge that is needed on here? do you have what it takes to be considered a Aly&Aj fan? take the quiz to find out! i made it as accurate as possible so you should be able to get a accurate score!

Created by: Aly&Ajaddict
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  1. The first 6 are lyric quizzes, the first one; "Into your head, into your mind,out of your soul, race through your veins,you can't escape, you can't escape" what song is this?
  2. Next one; "Life is good, i can't complain, i mean i could, but no one's listening. Your image overwhelms my brain, and it feels good, good good"
  3. Next; "Everybody's trying to get to me, every guy is out for the kill, i'm the type of girl worth pursing, but i won't be caught standing still"
  4. Next; "You make me feel, out of my element, like i'm walked on broken glass, like my worlds spinning in slow motion, and you're moving too fast" know it?
  5. The lyric questions are over, now the trivia! Are Aly&Aj sisters or twin sisters or other?
  6. Their last name?
  7. They're new band name?
  8. Aly's real first name?
  9. Aj's real first name?
  10. Last question, will you rate/comment? and did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ally&Aj?