How well do you read Gallagher Girl books?

Gallagher Girls are the girls that go to the world's premier school for spies, The Gallagher Academy and they are the sisters of Gillian Gallagher, founder of the Gallagher Academy. This is based on the books by the New-York Times Best-Selling Author, Ally Carter.

How do you know if your a true Gallagher Girl book reader and a fan of the series? Then take this quiz to find out!! If you haven't read the book yet.. then please don't take this quiz first, to prevent confusion. Danke!

Created by: Trixz

  1. What did Mr. Smith drink with the funnel cakes?
  2. Who was the teacher of CoveOp's class before Joe Solomon?
  3. In "Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy" what contaminated the East Wing?
  4. In the book "Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover" who was the guy Macey was dating?
  5. Which Blackthorn boy is close to Bex?
  6. Who kissed Joe Solomon?
  7. What ink-color did Dee Dee use to write a letter to Josh?
  8. What did Zach gave Cammie before there was a kidnapping attempt on her?
  9. Who got shot in the kidnapping attempt?
  10. Who is the teacher of Cove-Ops class in the 4th book?
  11. Where does Cammie's grandparents live?
  12. Who is the founder of the Gallagher Academy?
  13. Who is the president that the founder of the Gallagher Academy save?

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Quiz topic: How well do I read Gallagher Girl books?