Meet Me Halfway Part 7

WASSUP? haa, well here it is! Finally, Meet Me Halfway Part 7. I promise you guys for now on there will be new parts every FRIDAY. I pink promise. Anyways, I hope you enjoy :D

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: Dannica ♥
  1. You were once again for about the 4th time knocked out. You fluttered your eyes open and tried to remember what happened. You looked around and you were in, what looked like a hotel suite; not the one you and the boys were staying at though. You sat up in the bed and saw Dawson sitting down at a table searching stuff on his laptop.
  2. "DAWSON WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? YOU CAN'T JUST FREAKING DRUG ME ANYTIME YOU FREAKING WANT OK? AND WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! MY DAD ISN'T LEAVING YOU ANYTHING OK?!?!?!" Dawson looked over at you, cool, calm, and collected. "I'm not doing this because of what your dad might've left me." He stood up from the chair and walked over to the bed and sat down. "Then why are you doing this?" You asked a little creeped out. "Because, there's something in that will I certainly do not want you and your mom to know about my family and I."
  3. "dude, you can't just tell me what you're planning to do?" You said with a weird expression on your face. "Well, I didn't want to be all secretive like in the movies, I mean, come on now this is reality isn't it?" He replied with a smirk. "I guess so. So I'm going to be leaving now k?" You got up from the bed and started walking towards the door. "I'm afraid you can't do that cuzzo." Dawson said. "& why is that?" you asked still walking towards the door, slowly. "Because, if you go back to Jerimiah, Shayne, & Rave then they'll know what I'm up to. & we can't let that happen." You looked at him with a "You're so dumb" face and said, "Well you're the one that told me what you're up to retard!"
  4. "erm...well yea, but uh..." he paused for a moment to think. That's when you went for it. You opened the door as fast as you could and ran down the hallways until you found the elevator. You started desperately pushing the down button as Dawson yelled down the hall, "I'm coming...!" in a stalkerish tone of voice. The elevator doors opened and you hopped inside of it and pushed the LOBBY button and the CLOSE DOOR button 12345678909876545678765 times until the doors closed. It felt like forever when the the doors finally opened to the lobby. You ran out and guess who you saw?
  5. "Jerimiah?!" You shouted out from across the room, running towards him. "How did you find me here?" Not letting him have a chance to speak. "wait, tell me back at the suite, Dawson is coming any minute now!" You grabbed Jerimiah's hand, which was oh so soft by the way, and ran outside the hotel.
  6. Surprised, Jerimiah's car was waiting for you two outside the hotel. You hopped in feeling like you were in a movie or something about to take a ride in the Bat Mobile. Jerimiah hurried into the driver's seat and started the car. Breathing heavily, you peered out the window and saw Dawson standing outside the hotel in front of the door, smiling. You kept your eyes locked on his, as Jerimiah drove away. "creepy." you thought in your mind. "As I was saying, how did you find me?" You asked. Jerimiah kept his eyes on the busy streets of New York and replied, "We sensed you." You stared at him and curiously questioned, "You sensed me? How did you guys do that?????" "Ok, well not us, one of our friends we were going to take you tomorrow to meet."
  7. "Oh really? What's his name?" "Andrew." repied Jerimiah, "I think you'll like him." "I think I'll like him too (;" you said in your mind. Jerimiah parked his car in the hotel parking lot and you two got out. Jerimiah opened the hotel door for you and you both went into the elevator to go back to your room. Jerimiah took out the key card and opened the door. Rave and Shayne were already there. They were sitting down at the little table with a worried expression on their faces. When Rave saw you, he stood up, ran over to you, and kissed you on the forehead followed by him asking, "Are you ok?"
  8. Shayne followed suit, but hugged you while taking both your hands and squeezing them, which made you have butterflies in your stomach. "Yea I'm fine...soo...where's your friend? Uh, Andrew?" You asked not trying to sound desperate. "He went back to his house, why?" Asked Rave with one of his heart melting smiles with his spectacular dimples. "oh, nothing. I just wanted to thank him, you know."
  9. "sure." Shayne said with a laugh, "We won't have any time for sight seeing tomorrow. The only flight they had to London was tomorrow at 11 am." Shayne took 5 tickets out of his pocket and gave you yours. "Why is there 5?" You asked curiously. "Andrew's coming." Rave answered.
  10. You scanned your ticket and asked, "Who am I sitting next to?" " looks like Andrew..." Jerimiah said. "great." you said in a neutral tone. Everyone went back to bed, agreeing on talking about what happened with you and Dawson in the morning. You lay in the your bed, it was really cold. "UGH." You said loudly on purpose. "What's wrong?" Rave called from the other bed. "it's cold." You said in a shy tone. "Uh...want me to come over there?" Rave asked awkwardly. With a small laugh you replied, "okay" You heard Rave's covers being removed from him and you could hear him walking towards your bed. You moved over and he lay down next to you. You rested your head on his chest, put your arms around him while he was holding you, and you went to sleep with a smile on your face.

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