Meet Me Halfway Part 3

This is part 3 of the series "Meet Me Halfway" Sorry it took a little while. I got this book from Barnes & Noble called "Vanished" by Meg Cabot, & it's really good. Haha yea I'm a nerd :P Anyways, leave in some suggestions for Part 4 in the comments!

Jerimiah has dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. He has a british accent and is the sensitive, cool guy. Rave has black hair and emerald green eyes. He's the mysterious, yet romantic one. Shayne is the more athletic one with really dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He's the funny, outgoing flirt. I picture these guys with the hot "emo" cut, but feel free to picture them any way you'd like :D

Created by: dannicaxdarling
  1. "I told you not to turn around." You heard Jerimiah's voice say folowed by a small laugh. You opened your eyes a little but you still felt a bit groggy, so you shut them again and fell asleep. Apparently, Jerimiah was carrying you in his arms and walking somewhere.
  2. You woke up laying down on the grass and sat up. "Jerimiah?" You murmered sleepily. "Ms. ______ what are you doing laying down in the grass?!" Called out Charlie. "Whaa?" You asked dazed. "Get inside this instant!" Ordered your mom. "oh ok." You uttered. You stood up & dug your hands in your jacket pockets. You felt a piece of paper in your pocket so you got it out and unfolded it.
  3. "My dear _____, please forgive me for leaving you outside your house in the grass. I couldn't dare try and break in so I decided to lay you down in the garden. I'll be sure to explain what happened on Monday. Sincerely, Jerimiah"
  4. "Hmph. Ok then" you thought in your head. You walked slowly to the house and opened the door. Then, Dawson grabbed your hand & brought you into the closet & locks the door. "WHAT THE FUU?" You asked angrily, yet kinda scared. "Sorry cuzzo, but I saw you with Jerimiah." He said. "What...were you doing awake?! & why were you watching me? STALKER." You scolded.
  5. "I couldn't sleep, & I was watching out my window & I saw you and Jerimiah ok?" He explained. "Wait, how do you know Jerimiah?" You asked suspicously. "Uh...just stay away from him, & rave,...& shayne ok?" He asked. You nodded and he left the closet.
  6. You closed the closet door, locked it, & sat down trying to remember what happened, when your phone started vibrating. You checked who was calling & it was a number you didn't know. "Hello?" You answered. "_______?" The other person said. "Shayne? How'd you get my number?" You asked. "Oh, um it was on facebook." He explained. "Oh, ok so whatsup?" You asked. "Hm nothing really, trying to find my dog." "Oh, can I help? I love animals" you asked.
  7. "Oh yea that'd be great!" He exclaimed. You two said goodbye & you walked out of the closet. "I told you to stay away from Shayne" said Dawson who was apparently waiting outside the closet. "Were you easdropping?!" You questioned. You walked away before he could answer and you went to get some food from the kitchen.
  8. You were in the mood for something sweet so you went into the pantry to try out the chocolate covered pretzels you saw your uncle eating earlier. "Oh fuhh I have to go help Shayne..." you remembered. So you grabbed a hand-ful of pretzels and left the house. You checked your phone and Shayne texted you to meet at the school. You arrived there by walking in about 15 minutes tops and saw Shayne sitting down on the grass. "Why meet at school?" you called out as you got near enough for hearing distance. He looked up, smiled and answered,"My friend said he saw a dog around here but wasn't sure so I was looking around here." 'oh, so any luck?" you asked. "nope," he said back in a depressed tone.
  9. "Mkay. Well let's go then." You said smiling. "Ugh, help me up?" He flirtaciously asked. You grabbed his hands and with a mighty tug pulled Shayne off the grass. You guys started walking around calling out "Bambam" (obviously the dog's name) every minute or so.
  10. "Want some gum?" He asked. "Uh, sure..." You said. He gave you a piece and you popped it into your mouth. Within a minute or so you were starting to get a little dazed and tired. "...shayne? I'm tired...what did you give me?...." "I'm sorry _____" he said. He drugged you. You fell to the floor and blacked out.

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