Your epic story part 1

HI!! This is, yes, another quiz in which you faint and see some guys and you have to pick which one you will fall for. It does have a plot, though.

So, in this quiz, you meet the main characters and find out the main idea of the series. You will meet 3 guys and then you will meet an ENEMY! And you get a POWER! Yipee! Hope you like it!

Created by: xxGreenDayxx
  1. Okay, so it's a saturday evening and you're sitting at home, alone; your parents are out. You're laying in bed and singing along to your favorite song, when you hear a noise coming from your window.
  2. You carefully walk over to the window and lock it, just in case. When you go back over to your bed, you hear a loud CRASH as your window breaks open!
  3. You see a tall, skinny, chocolate brown haired boy about your age standing inside your room next to the window wreckage. He has dark brown, wavy hair that covers his forehead. "Hello, ______," he says, smirking. "I'm afraid you'll need to come with me."
  4. "WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?!" You scream as two more guys, about your age, enter your room through the window. One is of medium height, with longish dirty-blond hair. He has spectacular ocean-blue eyes. The other guy is tallish, with forest-green eyes and messy red hair. They're all smiling, staring at you. "Well, come on," the brown haired guy says to you.
  5. Overwhelmed, you pass out.
  6. You wake up, lying on a comfortable bed with all three guys staring at you. "Hey, she's awake!" the blond hair guy yells. "Really, Matt, I couldn't tell," the green eyed dude replies sarcastically. "Sorry, I'm Griffin," the brown eyed guy says to you apologetically. "And, I'm Jack, and that's Matt," the red haired guy says, pointing the the blue eyed guy.
  7. "So,________, sorry we had to rush you out of your house like this, but we didn't want Delaine to find you." Griffin says. When you look puzzled, Jack speaks up. "Sorry, um... how should we explain..." he starts thinking. Before he can talk again, Griffin says "Well, Delaine is the leader of an evil race that is out to get certain people, and you're on her hit list." " And, if she got to you, that would be... bad," Matt says. "And we've been chosen to protect you, at least until you can, yourself," Griffin says. "Yeah, that's what I meant to say," mumbles Jack, blushing.
  8. "... you've been 'chosen' to protect me? Why do even need protecting anyway? What'd I do?" you ask (______) (this means insert guy's name here).
  9. "Well," replies (_______), "we kind of belong to a race of people that oppose Delaine's forces. And, you haven't done anything. Delaine just targets the people with the most potential." "Potential for what?" you ask. Griffin answers. "For being powerful. She tries to recruit them, or... if they refuse, they die."His voice cracks at the end. "So, we have to keep beautiful, powerful people like you safe," Matt says sweetly.
  10. Suddenly, you hear a loud BOOM and see a wall you hadn't really noticed before explode open. Matt, Jack and Griffin turn to face the wall too. You see one very tall, very strong looking (but still kind of skinny) guy a couple years older than you standing in the place where the wall had just been. He's wearing all black, and has pure black, longish hair that is cut in a messy but still organized do. Peeking out from behind his bangs, are wide, gray eyes. He's smirking. "Hello, guys. And, who's this? _______, right?"
  11. Suddenly, Matt picks you up and whisks you across the room, away from the mysterious gray eyed guy that just burst in. All three (Matt, Jack and Griffin) are practically growling at the guy. "How have you been the past couple years? _______, long time no see!" he says.
  12. "Kerberos, why are YOU here?!" Griffin hisses at the black haired guy. "You know why. Delaine needs new material," the guy Griffin called Kerberos laughs.
  13. "She'll never join you!" Jack yells determinedly. The guy called Kerberos laughs again. "Why don't we let _______ speak for herself," he says, looking at you. You ask:
  14. You can't decide what to ask him, so you say,''You work for Delaine, don't you? Why are you here? How do you know my name?" He chuckles. "_______, you know me, too."
  15. "You remember, don't you?" Kerberos raises an eyebrow. FLASHBACK TIME: You suddenly recall seeing a grey eyed teenager with black hair walking towards you. It's nighttime and you're walking along a street to get to your house. He keeps following you, and when you go faster, he brakes into a run. "_______, wait!" You start running, too, when suddenly, he appears right in front of you. He says,"Listen to me. They're coming. You have to get away NOW, you have to go!" He starts running in front of you and yells urgently,"COME ON!" Freaked out, you run away and make it back to your house. EXITING THE FLASHBACK.
  16. You remember him; he's the freaky person that stalked you and yelled at you a year ago. You're very overwhelmed and startled. Suddenly, you feel kind of lightheaded and queasy as everyone in the room's eyes go wide. "WOAH!!" Matt screams as he throws his hands up and drops you. Griffin and Jack both stare in awe and Kerberos looks amused but curious at the same time.
  17. "Where'd she go?!" Matt yells. "I right here, you moron!" you yell. They all jump when you talk. "She... it... woah!" Jack yells. You check to see if your tag is sticking out or something when you see... nothing. you can't see your body at all. You realize that it's disappeared. "She... that's why Delaine wants her! Invisibility comes in very handy!" Griffin yells.
  18. Well, sorry... CLIFFHANGER!! Hope you like your new POWER!

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Quiz topic: My epic story part 1